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Modes of Play

Story Mode

Play through a series of story linked levels.


  • Deathmatch; typical multiplayer mode. Grab a weapon and kill each other.
  • Team Deathmatch; divide into teams and attack the other team(s).
  • Capture the Bag; Capture the other team’s bag and take it to your team’s base.
  • Bag Tag; winner is whoever holds on to the bag for the longest.
  • Elimination; winner is the last player standing.
  • Shrink; as you go down in rank, your character gets smaller and harder to hit.
  • Virus; the winner is the only person to not catch the virus.
  • Flame Tag; avoid the person/people on fire.
  • Vampire; kill other players to extend your life span.
  • Leech; shooting other players gives you health.
  • Regenerate; health regenerates.
  • Thief; kill the other players and collect the coins they leave behind.
  • Gladiator; only the Gladiator can get points for kills.
  • Zones; capture zones and score points for how many zones you have captured.
  • Assault; two teams must complete certain objectives.
  • Monkey Assistant; the player in last place has monkeys help him by killing everyone else, and keeps the monkeys until (s)he out of last place.


The Challenge Mode returns, but this time is accessible from the beginning of the game. As before, the objectives are to complete set challenges in the hope of a trophy (coloured as in the Arcade League) and reward. Again, the challenges are found in groups of three, typically linked by a common theme. Completion of challenges unlocks the next group and so forth. Characters weapons, and maps can be rewarded for good performance as well. Gold trophies are needed to unlock the maximum charcters for that specific mission.

Arcade league

The Arcade League allows the player to set their wits against a series of pre-set multiplayer matches. There are 3 leagues with 5 groups of 3 matches in each. Successful completion of a match will result in a trophy, coloured bronze, silver or gold depending on the criteria met. A silver and/or gold trophy is usually rewarded with new characters, arcade maps or cheats. In addition, a platinum trophy can also be earned for an outstanding performance in a match, but results in no additional reward. Each group is typically linked by a common theme. Any group can be selected from the start, but you must complete each match within a group to unlock the next in that group. At the beginning of the game, you will have access to only the Amateur League; completion of Amateur League matches will unlock the next league and so forth.