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About Timesplitters 4

TimeSplitters 4 is the fourth instalment of the TimeSplitters series developed by Free Radical Design, which has yet to secure a publishing deal.

In June 2007, the Official UK PlayStation Magazine revealed that another instalment of the TimeSplitters series was in the works. Free Radical’s David Doak has described Wii development in general as “a good thing to do” and followed that up with “I think we want to put [TimeSplitters 4] on the Wii”, in an interview with Game Informer. On the Free Radical website, TimeSplitters 4 is listed as in development on “NextGen Platforms” hinting at a release on all three. “I’m sure it’s possible to do a control scheme that works,” Doak added when asked about his thoughts on developing a first-person shooter for Wii.

Steve Ellis reported that “They’re gearing up to insert monkeys and guns into all the wrong places.” In an interview with David Doak, he alluded to focusing on gameplay rather than special effects or graphics.

Contrary to previous announcements, Free Radical Design has recently mentioned that TimeSplitters 4 will not utilise the much-criticised Haze engine, instead opting for some “new and double shiny tech”.