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TimeSplitters 2 has a large selection of weaponry for players to use in their quests to restore history. As in the first game, the nature of weapons available to the player typically revolves around the time period currently being explored. Arcade matches can have weapons set as custom. Note that many weapons such as the Silenced Pistol and the Tommy Gun can be found in pairs. Some weapons also have an alternate fire mode, used to perform a function other than their normal mode of fire, such as rapidly firing multiple shots, or launching a grenade.

Pistols and Handguns

  • Luger pistol; a standard pistol which is the least powerful weapon in the game and holds 7 bullets in the clip.
  • Silenced Luger; a silenced version of the Luger pistol. It is an effective weapon in the Hospital Recommended & Story modes.
  • Silenced pistol, simiar to the silenced Luger, but has a different appearance and holds 8 shots in the clip.
  • Garrett revolver; the most powerful pistol in the game, holding 6 bullets before reloading and capable of taking out standard foes in story mode with just a few shots.
  • Sci-Fi handgun; an interesting weapon which holds 30 shots in the clip but it fires 3 shots every time you pull the trigger. Its shots ricochet.

With the exception of the sci-fi handgun, players can hold two of the same handgun, one in each hand, doubling the firepower.


  • Sniper rifle; a standard snipers long range rifle, with a scope fitted with tactical readouts of the zoom and ammunition. the sniper rifle carries five rounds to a clip and is useful in story mode, but can be tougher to mantain accuracy in arcade mode.
  • Vintage rifle; an old-fashioned style of sniper rife. Instead of the more advanced scope layout, the vintage rifle has a standard black crosshair scope and a louder more powerful shot. the vintage rifle contains the same tactical advantages and disadvantages as the sniper rifle.


  • Shotgun; a sawed-off shotgun that needs reloaded often, but is very powerful.
  • Tactical 12-Gauge; a shotgun capable of firing double shots. It holds 8 shells before needing to be reloaded. It is very effective against zombies. In alternate fire mode, fires two rapid shots.


  • Tommy gun; a submachine gun with a 32-shot clip and fast rate of fire. It is effective against groups of enemies.
  • Soviet S47; like an AK-47 with a 30-round clip and a grenade launcher attachment. In alternate fire mode, it launches a Grenade.
  • SBP90 machinegun; An FN P90, with a scope.
  • Minigun; a man-portable minigun which can’t be reloaded, but carries substantial ammunition. It can overheat if fired for a long duration, resulting in a lower rate of fire until it is allowed to cool down. The barrels must be rotating before the gun can fire, which can be accomplished either by holding down the fire button (which requires a few seconds to start the barrels) or to activate the secondary fire, which keeps the barrels rotating.

Energy Weapons

  • Plasma autorifle; a futuristic energy rifle. In alternate fire mode, it fires a grenade which sticks to any surface, including enemies and other players.
  • LaserGun; an energy based sniper rifle. In alternate fire mode, it puts up a laser shield.
  • ElectroTool; a tool used to destroy energy storage banks and energy barriers.

Placed Explosives

  • TNT; the largest explosive available.
  • Timed mines; useful in strategic situations. Alternate fire allows it to have a longer timer.
  • Proximity mines; a mine that is set off when an enemy comes nearby.
  • Remote mines; a mine that is remotely detonated using alternate fire mode.

Projectile Explosives

  • Grenade launcher; in alternate fire mode, shoots a flaming grenade.
  • Rocket launcher; in alternate fire mode, launches 3 rockets.
  • Homing launcher; a shoulder mounted rocket launcher that homes in on enemies. In alternate fire mode, launches 3 missiles.

Other Weapons

  • Flamethrower; an effective short range weapon. Works well against zombies.
  • Crossbow; the quarrel tips can be lit on fire by torches.
  • Fire extinguisher; useful for putting out fires.
  • Brick, a thrown weapon; In alternate fire mode, it is thrown further.