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Oblask Dam

Robot Factory


TimeSplitters 2 consists of ten single player levels. Each level is set in a different period and the player must complete a series of objectives. Some objectives are presented to the player at the beginning of the level, while others are added based on new situations arising during play. Some levels have secondary objectives, which are not required to complete unless on the hard difficulty setting. You cab choose from three difficulty levels. At the end of nearly every level, a time crystal must be recovered. After it is collected, a time portal will appear which must be entered in order to complete the level.

Single Player/Coop Levels

  • Oblask Dam, Siberia - (1990) Investigate the mysterious digging site beneath the dam and look out for the living dead.
  • Chicago, USA - (1932) Assassinate mob-boss Big Tony at his exclusive club.
  • Notre Dame, Paris - (1895) Eliminate the insane cult leader Jacques de la Morte and free his prisoners.
  • Return to Planet X - (2280) Locate the UFO base, and escape from the Mox.
  • Neo-Tokyo, Japan - (2019) Locate the hacker gang’s hideout and clear your name.
  • Wild West, USA - (1853) Free the imprisoned Sheriff and execute the deranged ‘Colonel’.
  • AtomSmasher - (1972) Shut down super-villain Khallos’ Atom Smasher.
  • Aztec Ruins - (1920) Retrieve the Time Crystal from the Lost City golems.
  • Robot Factory - (2315) Eliminate the rebel Machinist and shut down his factory.
  • Space Station - (2401) Escape the self-destructing Space Station with the Time Crystals.

Multiplayer Levels

A multitude of levels are available for multiplayer play, each allowing for different modes of play.

  • Mexican Mission
  • Ice Station
  • Hospital
  • Training Ground
  • Aztec
  • Scrapyard
  • Nightclub
  • Hangar
  • Robot Factory
  • Ufopia
  • Chinese
  • Chasm
  • Streets
  • Compound
  • Site
  • Circus