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Modes of Play

Story Mode

The game’s story mode can be played alone or cooperatively. The game features no set story, but instead features nine levels that can be played on three difficulty settings. In each level, the player can choose from one of two characters specific to each mission, and must retrieve an object and then carry that object to the exit portal. After a player aquires the object, TimeSplitters spawn throughout the level to thwart the player’s attempt to return the object.


  • Deathmatch: Be the first to reach the kill limit. Teamplay and an optional time limit can be set in which case, the leader at the close is declared winner.
  • BagTag: Hold the bag for as long as possible within the time limit. Teamplay can be set.
  • Capture the Bag: Capture the enemy team’s bag and return it to your base to score. The player must defend their own bag as they lose points for its capture. Also, a player cannot score while the bag is out of their base, but they only need touch it when out of enemy hands to return it. A time limit can be set.
  • Knockout: Bags spawn onto the map (usually in the same basic area) and the player must take them to their team’s base to score. A time limit can be set.
    Escort: Only available on some maps. Escort an NPC to a pre-set base while defending him or her from respawning enemies.
  • Last Stand: Only available on some maps. Hold of increasing waves of enemies for as long as possible, points are awarded for both efficient kills and completion of phases.


A series of 9 sets of 3 single player challenges, often based around a pre-set Arcade match. Rewards are given for successful completion.